Omar Goes South: Day 15

Day_15“Very late last night, we received news from Omar the last longest day for the team. The team skied for about 8hours and covered a distance of 18km. It was a difficult day with a lot of uphill and Omar’s heavier load (tent and more items than the rest of the group) on the sled make it more challenging. The weather was cloudy and colder around -35 degree Celsius plus heavy winds. At first, they couldn’t see the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (American research base) or the place where they will camp. Once they arrived at the camp area, the station became within eyesight. Omar told us that he’s quite excited and that it’s a great feeling to finally see the finish line! Final skiing portion should be a 4-5 hour journey only! 

Today is the day that he may be reaching the South Pole within the next few hours!! So stay tuned!! #omargoessouth

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