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PLEASE READ: Omar does all school, university and non-profit organisation talks pro-bono. Recently, the number of requests to speak at an event or organisation has increased to several every week. With Omar’s tight training and work schedule, he is only able to accommodate a couple of talks every quarter. Please send an email to [email protected] if you’re interested in having Omar as a speaker but we hope that you will forgive the delay or lack of response during periods where we are focusing on the completion of his expeditions. We’re a very small team. In 2015, Omar is planning the “100 Schools” project where he aims to address 100 schools across all the governarates of Egypt during one academic year. Once this project begins, Omar will unfortunately not be able for other events until its completion due to its already tough schedule.


In May of 2009, Omar left his career as a banker and private equity professional behind to marry his passion for adventure, travel and sharing these experiences with others, with his work. So at the height of the world’s biggest financial crisis he decided to start a company that relies completely on discretionary spending and name it after a tropical fruit! Wild Guanabana has been creating unique adventure travel experiences around the world for individuals, companies, schools and universities since its inception. Worldwide adventures ranged from learning how to dance tango in Argentina, to white-water rafting in Costa Rica, ice climbing in France and climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa. It’s also the first carbon neutral travel company in the Middle East & North Africa.

In this passionate talk directed at students, Omar draws from his academic experience of having worked in world markets, studied Entrepreneurship at London Business School and tough expedition experiences to reflect on a roller-coaster journey which was ignited through intuition alone and began with a small dream.

If you would like to see a sample of Omar’s speaking, you can check the video below from a TEDx Cairo talk in 2010. Please note that Omar has completed many adventures since then and matured as a speaker.

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