Rock ‘n’ Rope

Rock’n’Rope was founded by my good friend Nora Kafafi and myself in 2013. For the longest time I have dreamed of building venues (both outdoor and indoor) that create the opportunity to for people to feel more alive through adventure and express themselves through the art of climbing. I’ve always believed that entrepreneurs, climbers, adventurers, artists, alternative fitness enthusiasts and lovers of nature share the same DNA and Rock’n’Rope is a place that brings all of that under one roof.

Many opportunities came about to start something but I could never find the right partner who shared my passion and values until I met Nora. Since late 2013, we’ve been working on getting the concept right and we believe we have done that. We’re now ready to open up Egypt’s first fully fledged climbing centre and we couldn’t be more excited. However, it is much more than that. It’s a place where all the people I mentioned above can come together, collaborate and inspire one and another to create magic.

You can visit Rock’n’Rope’s Facebook page here.

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