Team Building Events

 “In the world today there’s plenty of technology, plenty of entrepreneurs, plenty of money, plenty of venture capital. What’s in short supply is great teams.” John Doerr, Venture Capitalist – Silicon Valley

Our experiences are unique and non-traditional. We firmly believe in the transformative power of nature and challenges. By removing ourselves from our everyday habitats and knocking on the doors of our ‘un’comfort zones, we grow beyond what we thought was ever possible. We take teams, challenge them, pressure them and push them to their physical and mental limits where the magic happens. Our programs are based on the concept of experiential learning, which optimizes the ability of team members to absorb and master the set of skills required.

Inbound (Egypt/UAE)

Whether you are based in Egypt or UAE and would like to boost your team’s morale or improve how they communicate, we can design a program for you. Privileged by wide-open deserts, seas, valleys and mountains they serve as a perfect destination if you are looking for something close.


We’re experts in adventure travel. So whether you want to step into heaven in Thailand, relax on a beach in Zanzibar or zip line in Costa Rica along with adding a team building twist to it, we’ve got your back. We know our 15+ destinations inside out from which you can pick or let us know where are you willing to take your team and we’ll help you design a memorable event for your team.

Wild Activities

We offer a range of land-based and water-based activities that we integrate depending on the destination. Each activity is managed by a set of rules that can be altered to control the desired outcome; skill to be developed (e.g. Problem Solving). This takes place based on what exactly do our clients want to develop in their teams.

To set up a wild team building adventure, send an e-mail to [email protected]


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