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Since my ascent of Everest in 2007, Omar have delivered over 160 talks in more than 10 countries worldwide to companies, school, universities, NGOs and other charities. Below are a few of these clients and what they had to say about it.


“Thank you so much for the very inspirational and moving talk you gave last week. You are the best example of a successful, motivated and positive young man who strives to achieve a goal he strongly believes in. Your account of your struggle and fight to reach your goal truly inspired the audience and gave them the push they needed to start working on making their own dreams come true.”

Ali Toker, Country President,  Novartis Pharma 

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“Omar is a very passionate and influential speaker, and his ability to connect with the audience is remarkable. His speech was inspirational and enriching and everyone present said that they thoroughly enjoyed and valued it. The session was indeed an encouragement and helped us clearly convey the message  that we wanted to through our workshop. We look forward to working with Omar in similar sessions in the future.”

Fareda Abdullah, Vice President of HR, Majid Al-Futtaim Ventures

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“Very Inspiring, Extremely Motivating. Listening to him talking about his trip and the challenges he faced back then, is like an energy booster drink, after it, you can go hunt your dreams for as long as it takes, and for as hard as it gets, and if you ever get tired … listen to him again. Keep it up, Champ.”

Mohamed Emam, Business Planning Director, CEMEX

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“We would greatly love to have you do your presentation again next semester. All those who attended thought it was a very well presented and structured presentation. The Associate Provost, Dr. John Swanson who attends zillions of lectures was really impressed and said that yours was one of the BEST he ever heard! Please mark your calendar for the convocation speech which is attended by around 1,300 people (students, faculty, deans, the president and the provost). I would really wish that you address them on that day.”

Hoda Grant, Ph.D., Associate Director, The American University in Cairo

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“We approached Omar Samra about joining us for the launch event of our Climb4PCRF campaign . Omar did not hesitate, was very supportive and engaged with us on various levels. Omar helped us greatly not only by sharing tips from his experience in past adventures but also delivered an astounding talk that moved the crowed into action. Several attendees approached us asking how they could join the climb or support the cause. Omar spoke with passion about the work that the PCRF was doing in helping children get medical treatment and explained how this climb can bring awareness and enable children to get treatment. One thing I liked was how humble he was and how he put as much emphasis about helping others and doing good in the world as he did about meeting one’s personal goals. The event was a great success, the audience left motivated to re-imagine their boundaries, and the climb4PCRF gained more awareness. We look forward to a continued partnership with Omar.”

Ghalia Farzat, PCRF Volunteer, Climb4PCRF (Palestinian Children Relief Fund)

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