To My Greatest Hero, Inspiration & Role Model

SteveJobsDeathDear Steve,

I just received news that you have passed away minutes ago. Although we never met, and are miles apart, I am among the millions that you have inspired around the world over the years. It’s hard to keep the tears from rushing down my cheeks.

My most vivid memory is your Stanford graduation talk; I still get shivers down my spine and feel a knot in my throat every time I watch it and listen to how you dealt with adversity and how you always stayed hopeful. Everything you have done in this life from the courage you have put in your work, to the boundless amount of creativity you have shared with us to the manifestation of all that into the most enduring products and solutions ever created, will live as an integral part of my, and everyone’s life, forever. You have left a true legacy.

I will keep your memory in my heart for as long as I shall live and I hope to teach my kids one day about you. I will tell them that not so long ago lived a man who gave selflessly, who changed the world with his ideas and who fought and worked hard to the last minute for his dreams, hopes and passions.

May god bless your soul and may you rest in peace.


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