Omar Goes North: Day 7


Omar and the team just set up camp after 8 and half hours a day of walk. They are now 78 kilometres away from the North Pole and17.5 km covered today. The ice drift is currently working in Omar and the team’s favour moving them a few kilometres towards the North Pole. A team member has been slightly tired in the past two days, so Omar and the guide are sharing their weight load. The weather remains extremely windy at 30 to 35 knots with constant snow. The snow has made the weather seem colder as all the equipment is wet, which is very uncomfortable for them.  The next few days could see the drift work against the team, so it is good they gained some ground today. Bad news is that Omar has lost a pair of heavy gloves and the weather will get sunnier but colder tomorrow.  He does have a spare pair of gloves but they are not as effective.

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