Omar Goes North: Day 10


Omar and the team have just finished a long day and set up tent. They are now only 8.5 kilometres away from the North Pole. The team woke up this morning and had drifted towards the North Pole and were this morning 26 kilometres away instead of 32kms.  As the team sit in their tent right now they can almost feel the drift towards the North Pole. After 10 hours of walking in the cold they will now refill their water, eat and try to move as soon as possible.  The team have barely unpacked, as they want to move towards the pole to avoid any negative drift.

A team already close to the pole cannot reach it due to a large lead (crack) in the ice.  The team hope to reach the pole in better conditions, a large lead to find away around will be difficult and the drift could then work against them. The team will now energize and move towards the pole in the next few hours.

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