#370DAYSALONE Burma 4/18

Burma 4 out of 18

A Burmese villager engages in this daunting undertaking on a daily basis. I’ve often wondered about the implication of there being such a huge disparity in wages among job types. What would happen if we were all paid equally for a good days labor. How would the economics of the world differ? would there be as much strife as there is now? Well it might be too late to turn the global economic model on its head but if more global business leaders start seeing the world less as a zero sum game and more of an eco-system where were all meant to survive and prosper in the interest of the long term sustainability of this planet, then that would certainly be a step in the right direction. The photo was taken in Burma (Myanmar) back in 2002 during my #370DAYSALONE around Asia and Latin America journey. Burma photo 4 of 18.

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