Omar Goes South: Day 2

I’m finally in the super southern town of Punta Arenas (#Chile) and my bags have thankfully made it too (a common problem on expeditions). It feels nostalgic being here again. This is my 3rd visit (2003 & 2012) and the last was when I climbed Mount Vinson. The first was when I tried to board a ship heading to Antarctica and got told by a Chilean naval officer that I watch too many movies. It’s a fun memory, particularly summiting Mount Vinson, but my life was also so different then. You think a lot when you’re that far south in this desolate place. More so when you’re in Antarctica skiing for 10 hours each day. This is going to be an emotional and spiritual challenge as much as it is physical. However I’ve always believed the way to anywhere is through and not around. Whatever happens, make it or not, this journey will be profound. I’m grateful for being so lucky to come to this beautiful place and for the learning I’m about to receive. If you’re out there wondering whether you should or shouldn’t do something you feel strongly about, always do. Fortune favors the bold. #omargoessouth


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