Omar Goes South: Day 12

Day_12b“Season’s Greetings!

Omar’s Updates from the South Pole!

Current Coordinates: 89.25025S 80.3585W

Day 4:
The team skied for 7hrs instead of 8hrs as intended because one of the team members couldn’t continue further. The weather was perfect with clear skies and the temperature was -25 degree Celsius and wind speed was less than 5km/hr. The team has 3 more days to go to reach the South Pole. They are covering an average distance of 14 to 16km a day. Skiing route coverage to date is 45%. The skiing route coverage for Day 3 is 25% not 35% as reported earlier. The weather for Day 5 is estimated to have stronger winds; cloudy skies and may worsen from then on. Omar’s stomach is settling and energy is somewhat better but he is still recovering. He’s also having back pains from pulling the sled constantly. In the evening the team celebrate Christmas by having chocolate in the tent at night as they gathered to have dinner that consisted of soup and couscous with beef.  #omargoessouth

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