Going to Mt. Kazbek


Meet the great people who made it to the summit. I’m proud of those men and women who endured so much and came together to achieve something extraordinary and for a lovely cause. I’m proud of @wildguanabana for being part of making it happen to the beautiful Mount Kazbek.

Mount Kazbek is located on the border between Russia and Georgia. With a height of  5,033m, it’s one of Russia’s 10 highest mountains and it’s the third highest mountain in Georgia.  Mt. Kazbek is one of the major mountains of  the Caucasus range. It is a dormant volcano, with its last explosion having occurred in 650 B.C.

The beauty of the mountains here is breathtaking. We completed our first acclimatization hike today to 3,000 meter on our adventure to climb the highest mountain in Georgia.

Kazbek/ Georgia

Mt. Kazbek

13938473_10155082934773989_5038506521166067577_nThis photo was taken a few days ago… the @wildguanabana GE team on an acclimatization hike
preparing for the summit of the highest mountain in #Georgia#koolkazbek #livewild
This is my favorite photo of the trip! she alpine climbed with us all the way to the top and then all the way back to the village… in Georgia the myth goes that mountain guides come back as dogs who
    live in the mountains
13935087_10155089388193989_2522942416812845207_nMeet the happy guides off the mountain… Ulyana, Baqar and me
On the summit of Mount Kazbek in #Georgia on a blue bird day, it was an honor to guide
multicultural team from General Electric to the top

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