About Sticking The Middle Finger to The Mind

middle fingerHow do you make decisions? set goals? achieve a dream? Many of us commit these important questions to the analytical mind. And no wonder so many of us fear the unknown or fall before we even begin.

The mind can be domineering, quick to ridicule and magnify our fears. So should we throw all caution to the wind? That would be better than getting ‘mind trapped’ but no, the answer invariably lies with the one thing we all posses that when trusting it will never fail us. There are many names for it – intuition is my favorite.

How many times have we said ‘I feel I should but..’. Steve Jobs once said you cannot connect the dots forward, what he didn’t say is that your mind can’t, your intuition can. Start today, believe in yourself, do one thing that scares you and stick the middle finger to the mind. I have and I can tell you its one hell of a ride!

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