#370DAYSALONE Burma 2/18


Burma 2 out of 18

I first set sight on the temple a few miles away from town. It felt like I had glued my face to the bus window trying to take in the magnificence of it. Man can build amazing things I thought. It’s often the simpler things that are harder to figure out. Especially when the truth isn’t through relying on the analytical mind. Getting to the very top seemed daunting at first. My initial thought was to count every one of the 777 steps as I climbed but I must have lost count before I reached 50. Somehow between the view, the monkeys and the melodic rhythm of my effort I began to lose myself until all that remained was now. Finally I made it to the top. I wondered the temple for an hour taking everything in. When it was finally time to descend I could notice that something in me had shifted ever so slightly. I felt peaceful. This is photo 2 of 18 in my Burma (Myanmar) collection, one of 14 destinations in my #370DAYSALONE around Asia and Latin America journey.

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