#370DAYSALONE Burma 15/18


I cycled alone in the darkness from my hostel to the temple complex. The gates leading to the temple tops were all closed. I was worried to miss what I’d come for. Finally just before the sun revealed itself, I met a little girl with a golden key. She led the way, climbing to the temple top. I sat on the ledge with feet dangling in the air. The little girl stayed back in silence as if respecting the moment. I closed my eyes and felt a soft breeze on my face as the sky slowly gave way from black to a soft purple then a majestic orange signaling the start of this beautiful day. There are no ordinary moments.

The photo was taken in ‪#‎Burma‬ (‪#‎Myanmar‬) during my ‪#‎370DAYSALONE‬ around Asia and Latin America journey. Burma photo 15 of 18.

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